Free Online Mind Mapping Services to Give Killer Ideas a Perfect Start

With an idea in mind to be furnished into a product or an event, it has to be concise and clear at all levels. Mind Maps can help you give a visual representation of what’s cooking inside brain. Online Mind Mapping is always a powerful option to have at hand in such case. Why? To maintain completeness and productivity in any task, we need to make a proper plan. Once you have the structure of the complete task, you can easily perform the sub level tasks with a greater focus. In a structured task you can even divide work load with team members or other people. So, everything comes down to the basic level of planning.

What is Mind Map?

A Mind Map is a visual representation of what you are thinking. It is very useful for a variety of fields and particularly to events involving planning at several levels. Once you have figured out the main events, you can then decide upon the sub levels. By this way, you can completely jot down each and every detail you need to take care of in an event in an efficient and organized way.

Why do I prefer Online Mind Mapping?

With online Mind Mapping Services, you can easily create and share Mind Maps with concerned team mates. Not only that, every one can give their own input to their assigned module. This is more convenient than installing a desktop software. You can access and make changes to your Mind Maps on the go.

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Free Online Mind Mapping Services

Free online Mind Mapping services are easy to use and simple. There are downsides too, you might not have advanced options to add stunning visual blocks. That should not be a problem if you are using the Mind Map for personal use and within closed team.

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So, lets see some of the free Online Mind Mapping Services.

1) Coggle

Online Mind Mapping

With Coogle, you will be able to create Mind Maps quickly. To get started, all you need to do is create a Coogle account. Each branch you create automatically takes up new color. Drag the branches to increase the length and also to bend at preferred angle. You have the option to share created Mind Map with friends and also download it as PNG or PDF file. Mind Map is instantly saved online as you progress with your work.

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Coogle is easy to use and you can start right away. Visually, it is very simple and branches only appear from sides of main project box. I will love to see the ability to add branches from top and bottom.

Try Out Coogle

2) Spider Scribe

Online mind Mapping Spider Scribe

Spider Scribe is an advanced online Mind Mapping service. It allows you to create convenient visual Mind Maps. You can upload Text boxes, images, maps and document files to make your Mind Maps more relevant.

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Creating Mind Map in such detail takes time unlike in Coogle where you were able to perform things in a greater speed. I wished the branches had the option of colorization. Without the branch coloring, confusion may arise at later stage. Spider Scribe is free for personal use but gives limited features.

Try Out Spider Scribe

3) Dot Dash

Online Mind Mapping

Dot Dash is a totally free online Mind Mapping service. Mind Maps created by Dot Dash are completely different. Rather being professional, it’s totally for fun. You can create ideas and mark them with different colors. If you want more details, you can even add images.

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Dot Dash requires no account creation, hence you need to save your Mind Map once its completed.

Try Out Dot Dash


Online Mind Mapping is a simple yet powerful online Mind Mapping tool. All you need to do is create a free account. You can make nodes easily with the option to label connecting arrows. Nodes are automatically colored level wise but you can manually change colors if you wish.

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With free account allows you to create and save 3 maps. You can definitely delete them and create new ones. You can also share the Created Map with your friends.

Try Out

5) Mindomo

online mind mapping

Mindomo is an advanced online Mind Mapping service. With Mindomo you can establish relation between sub levels, change layouts, enable borders. In media you can add Youtube videos, comments, images etc. Some features are available in paid version.

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In free version, you can save upto 3 maps. Mindomo is a good service to use due to the variety of options it provides while creating new topics and levels.

Try Out Mindomo

So, which Online Mind Mapping Service do you use?

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SHUBHAM SOMANI - April 14, 2013

thanks rohit, i know mind map but don’t know about its services, so thanks ………….i will use it.

Vishesh Kachheda - April 15, 2013

Nice Post!
From now onward I will definately use these services!
They are really helpful 🙂

Pritam Patil - April 19, 2013

Nice Post…Really a Unique content to read.. I also have been trying to write some great post like yours on my site..just check it out..:)

Kapil - April 25, 2013

Nice article, I learned the way one must presetn Ideas.
and also interesting content.

thanks and regards

Atul - January 12, 2014

Great article ! Seriously , I have no idea about such kind of services. Listening mind mapping in it for the first time 😛


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