Top Indian PPC networks

Apart from Adsense, we try many PPC networks available all over the web. In this post, I’m writing about Indian PPC networks; it doesn’t mean that they are not meant for other foreign publishers, some of them allow others also. Indian publishers will have great benefits using these PPC networks to serve ads on their […]

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Send Secret message to your feed subscribers

Many Bloggers wants to send some message to their feed readers. It may be a notification, asking for suggestions or simply want to run competition or contest on your blog. This trick can be useful for such bloggers. Here are the steps to be followed in order to perform this trick. This trick works on […]

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Cheats’ guide for customizing Blogger Templates

“Guide tricks for customizing templates blogger” (A Cheats’ Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates) is a book by Amanda Blogger Buster in which shows several techniques to learn how to customize and design templates for Blogger.The book is in English but very well illustrated with a good design, many images and examples. This divided into the […]

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