Create site without knowing programming | webnode

Good option to free create site with interesting aesthetic options and without having much technical knowledge.
Webnode includes some options of possible designs that they surprise by his colorful originality.

As you can see in the Control Panel you can add statistics, modify aesthetic aspects, to create the news, to register domains (for which they do not want to remain with the domain yourname.webnode.com), webmail, etc…

It is enough to throw a look to the panel of creation and edition of content to verify that it is possible to conduct many battles with no need to be complicated the life like in other CMS.

You can see the result of minutes in aparichit.webnode.com. Nothing badly, right?

Here I’m presenting the screenshot of my website created using webnode, it took less than 2 minutes to setup.

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Which features you would like to incorporate Blogger in future?

Do you have a desire to tell Blogger features incorporated into its platform? Well, now you have an opportunity to form the Wishlist that Blogger made available to users.
This list can vote between 13 features suggested by them or send your own suggestions.

Alternatives that shows you are:

# I want to restrict access only to specific posts.
# I want to show excerpts of my posts, with links to the full text.
# I want to export/import my posts to/from another blogging tool.
# I want to be able to upload other files to my blog besides images.
# I want to display my posts in reverse, or non-chronological order.
# I want to track where my visitors come from and how they interact with my site.
# I want Blogger to be available as part of Google Apps.
# I want to purchase domains through Blogger.
# I want the ability to post a podcast on my blog.
# I want the ability to read my friends’ blogs all in one place.
# I want more gadgets for the sidebar.
# I want more template options.
# I want to recommend a Blog of Note.

Several of these proposals are quite interesting, but lacks some believe that most needed, such as incorporating the feedback form within the same blog, improve the structure and efficiency of code, the possibility of incorporating style sheets (without using other services and the defining variables blogger).

Don’t miss this opportunity and send your wishlist/suggestions to blogger because, if they are taken into account then, blogging platform would be more interesting!

I have already sent my wish to them. So, which features do you want from blogger? Share it with us also, your comments are welcome here.

Place : help.blogger.com
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Free advertising of your blog : Entrecard

Entrecard is a simple banner exchange program. The role of entrecard is to provide a platform to gather all bloggers and Site-owner’s at one place and exchange their links.

How it works?
Just put a 125×125 banner exchange and your banner is displayed only once per day per site. You get a widget to put it on your blog. You will have to pay certain number of credits (here credits acts like money) to have your banner displayed on widget of specific site. Credits are gained based on people dropping cards on you and you dropping cards on other sites.

My experience says…
It just have been couple of weeks that I’ve placed Entrecard widget on my blog. Well we have had some pretty targeted traffic from Entrecard but its also a lot of work chasing after credits, its very much a case of the big sites get bigger and the smaller sites have to work harder. I liked their scheme because it doesn’t includes Real money. So, for those, who doesn’t want to invest money for publicity can use this service.

How to improve

  • Make sure your widget is on the popular pages on your site. For bloggers, I would suggest to place it on upper side of your sidebar.
  • Place the widget on your site carefully, so it is easily visible to Entrecard-enabled visitors.
  • Buy more ads, on sites where you feel they have a good chance of catching the users eye and interest.
  • Design an attractive, friendly Entrecard appropriate to your site.
  • Drop your card on other blogs wherever you see the widget.

So, go get your Entrecard now or if you have already joined, feel free to drop yours on my widget.