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How to display Tabs in a Multiple row with Internet Explorer 9

Microsoft launched the Internet Explorer 9 Release Candidate with many new features and a few design changes. For instance, in this release, the tabs and the address bar are in the same row.

This might be a good design for some users, but for those who normally have many (read more than 15) tabs open at a time, it makes the row heavily cluttered. Not to mention anything about reducing the visibility of the tabs.

This irritation (cant be called a problem) has a very simple fix.

Open Internet Explorer 9

Right click on an empty spot in the bar.

Choose Show tabs on a separate row.

Once the deed is done, your tabs now descend below the address bar thus getting an ample amount of space. This option is available only in IE9 RC and not the beta version.


Password Protect Google Chrome Browser with Simple Startup Password

If you want to dig the history of a person, dig the history of his web browser and you will know what kind of person he or she is. All the data in a browser like saved passwords, bookmarks, history are very confidential stuffs and any unauthorized access to these can be fatal. If you are a chrome user you can now safeguard your data by protecting it with a password using Simple Startup Password extension.

Simple Startup Password  is a very simple plugin that protect your browser with startup password. 
chrome password

Soon after you install the extension navigate to   to Settings -> Tools –>Extensions and look for Simple Startup Password . To setup the password click on option. Set a password for your browser but make sure you type in correct password before hitting enter because there is no field to re-enter the password.


Now each time you open Google Chrome you will be asked to authenticate yourself. If you fail to provide the password the browser will close. There is no way in which you can recover the password and thus by any chance you forget your password you will have to reinstall it.


  1. You need to be very sure before you set your password as there is no way you can check whether you have typed in correctly.
  2. If you forgot your password by any chance there is no way you can recover it and you will have to reinstall your browser.
  3. The password field is not masked and any one sitting with you will be able to see the password.
  4. If you are quick enough you will be able to press the bookmark button and see all the bookmarks before the plugin loads.

ssp chrome

So what are you waiting for. Download the extension now.

Download Simple Startup Password

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