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Select The Word and Its Dictionary Meaning Will Pop Up on Browser

Google Dictionary is an extension of Google chrome browser. The finest extension for your browser that serves as an easy to use dictionary, especially while reading articles or E-books online. Just select the word and it pops out its meaning with a text, written inside a balloon and also with its audio pronunciation. You can click more for a detailed meaning of the word you have selected. Continue reading


How To Disable Facebook Timeline and Get Back Old Profile

Facebook Timeline was new  profile page approach that Facebook launched some months ago approximately around September last year. At first it was just for the people who wanted to check and configure their timeline before becoming permanent. There are many Facebook users who really love the idea of timeline and are sticking by it. There are also a lot of people who want their old Facebook profile page. Continue reading


Immediately Skip YouTube Video Ads Without Waiting

Youtube has come up with a variety of Video Advertisements which are being shown at the beginning of almost all of the featured videos every time you start watching them. This is very irritating and waste of time in certain situations.

Well, skipping Video ads on Youtube is now possible with this Google Chrome’s extension called Skip ads on youtube – No illegal block. Just install it and skip video ads while watching Youtube Movies or any Video without any interruption. Continue reading