Devil May Cry- DMC Review with Video

After a long wait from Devil May Cry 4 now we have the new Devil May Cry (DMC). Well, there is no relation between this game and its predecessor regarding the story line.  There are many changes to this game including the total redesign of the main character Dante.

devil may cry review

Devil May Cry goes with a very wide platform and is available for Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PS 3. Things that you will be enjoying the most in this game is the music and story line. Being a regular player of DMC series initially by reading the changes, it might be a little disappointing to you but once you start with the game past feelings are sure to be left behind. So let’s see what Devil May Cry has got to offer you.

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This overview is entirely based on my personal experience and encounter with various aspects of the game though I am not an avid gamer.

DMC Story Line

DmC character Mundus

The Story starts in Limbo. Whole game goes jumping to Limbo and back to the real world. In Limbo you understand how demons are controlling the real world. All the fights take place in Limbo as Dante is a declared terrorist in the real world. Once you are spotted in the real world you will be dragged to Limbo where demons will try to kill you. As you play the game you will learn Dante’s past and the reason for his powers. The main aim of Dante in this game is to avenge his family by killing Mundus, the demon king.

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The story has many twists and turns and Dante will keep acquiring new powers through the game. Other characters helping Dante to achieve this goal are Kat and Vergil. Vergil and Dante are twin brothers separated in childhood to be protected from Mundus, who intended to kill them.

DMC dante and Vergil

Dante’s father was a demon and mother was an angel. The child born were known as Nephilim, beings powerful enough to kill the demon King. Its pretty obvious that the final fight will be between Dante and Mundus but soon enough you will get another twist to end the game with.

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Graphics & Audio

devil may cry graphics settings

The Graphics of DMC is awesome. Before you start the game, just hop in to graphics settings and check whether all the settings are pumped up for max output. there is no advanced panel where you can select levels of Antialiasing like 2x, 4x, 8x etc. Basically the graphics will hold your attraction from beginning till the end.

Devil May Cry Graphics

The Dynamic Lightning and particle detailing is great. With time and different scenarios you will have a greater environmental feel, specially in Limbo. There are different kind of demons popping up once you start advancing through levels.

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DMC graphics review

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The sound tracks are stunning. It will keep you submerged and tied up with the flow of game. You wont feel exhausted for a moment. With the appearance of demons the music starts and continues till you have finished off each of them. This is a similar experience if you have already played Max Payne.

GamePlay & Controls

dmc fight snaps

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Well, the gameplay is pretty simple and the simple instruction is Go for the Kill. The core gameplay remains the same if you have already played previous games of the series. Levels are presented in form of missions. You need to complete each mission in order to advance in the story line. Apart from the main missions you can also select secret missions. Secret missions gives you bonus points and orbs to upgrade Dante with powerful weapon tactics and moves.

In mission points are given based on striking skills, combo, finish time and also on count of keys collected which will open secret doors. Points will be deducted by the number of times you die or even if you use vitality boosters to regain health.

DMC boss fight

There will be no difficulty while fighting the road demons, you will kill them ruthlessly. The boss fights are bit difficult and you will need to figure out ways to do so. I loved the cut scenes then comes up from time to time and builds up the story.

Controlling the character is easy. The basic combat moves are easy to commend but later on when you have to make multiple key pushes simultaneously, it will be bit tiring for your fingers. First of all if you are planning to play it on your Laptop, my suggestion will be to get a gamepad. Even with gamepad there were times when I had to pause the game and give my fingers a bit relaxation. A gamepad with force feedback support will be best to have for the ultimate experience.

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Devil May Cry Gameplay [ Video ]


Those who are already a fan of DMC series, they don’t need a review as they will play this game anyway. If you are new to this and were still thinking of playing DMC, just go for it. This game will worth your time from all aspects.

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Jocuri Noi - February 23, 2013

The battles in the game are virtually tireless as just as you think your getting bored another weapon is handed to you and you can unleash yet another devastating combo.

Best GAME ever! Thank you!


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