10 Things To Do after Installing WordPress

10 things to do after installing WordPress

WordPress is popular and common platform among bloggers. Installation of WordPress is also quick and simple (thanks to Fantastico which is generally included by all hosting providers). Finishing installation doesn’t completes your work but that’s te beginning, there’s much work still to be done. So, Here I am leaving you with 10 things you should […]

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Online Browser Image Editor Similar to Photoshop

Editing images are a basic necessity that most of us have. There  is a vast field of usage scenarios including office, family, personal and blog related works. Though windows has paint which is the only default image editing application, it is merely of any use. To compensate this problem we use third party image editors. […]

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Add PDF viewer to your website/blog

If you want to add the link to a PDF in your Web now an alternative show you something more sophisticated. These include vuzit, a small application that allows readers to read the pdf file directly in your site, without having to leave her. You can test it in vuzit.com, there upload a PDF and […]

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How often blog posting should be done?

This question certainly struck mind of bloggers. How many posting should be done in a day? What is the ideal posting frequency on my blog? I think posting frequency is a question that bloggers need to consider very carefully on a number of fronts. There is no fix answer for it. Here are some of […]

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