Send Secret message to your feed subscribers

Many Bloggers wants to send some message to their feed readers. It may be a notification, asking for suggestions or simply want to run competition or contest on your blog. This trick can be useful for such bloggers. Here are the steps to be followed in order to perform this trick. This trick works on […]

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Cheats’ guide for customizing Blogger Templates

“Guide tricks for customizing templates blogger” (A Cheats’ Guide to Customizing Blogger Templates) is a book by Amanda Blogger Buster in which shows several techniques to learn how to customize and design templates for Blogger.The book is in English but very well illustrated with a good design, many images and examples. This divided into the […]

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WordPress Plugin as FTP Manager | MyFTP

If you have your blog WordPress familiar with the extensive use of data transfers via FTP, either to raise plugins, themes or modify / customize features of the system is always to be moving files in this way. Regularly these transfers are made with external applications, whether desktop software or additions in the browser, but […]

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Simple Tips to Increase Adsense Income

tips to incease adsense income

Few days before I wrote that Adsense is losing popularity and that because of it’s lowering income. Many bloggers simply hate adsense, I too was fed-up with low income but I tried experimenting new things with adsense units to improve blog income. Here, I would like to share those simple tricks and tips for improving […]

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Send 1GB Files using Email or IM | Pando

Pando is a free, cross-platform program that lets you transfer files up to 1GB. Now, you can share heavy files up to 1 GB using Email or Instant messenger client. To use this service, both, the sender and the recipient have to download Pando. There is no sign-up, no registration, no fee to use this […]

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