Google’s popularity lies in its simplicity

It’s not the thing that Google was first to enter into the web world services that made it popular. Take example of Search engines, even though the world had good enough search engines like Yahoo! and eXcite and Google entered it lately and overtaken them. The X-factor is its simplicity, What the customer wants is […]

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Experience with 3ix Hosting

I have been with 3ix hosting for quiet a long time. It is was my first paid hosting and I am satisfied with the services offered. On web, you may have read lots of negative reviews of 3ix hosting but my views differs a bit. So, lets start with the review considering each feature and […]

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How to Hide Email Address on Internet

Do you fear giving out your email ID in public due to fear of spamming? Well, giving out your email address openly allows spammers to send you countless spams a day. The only question that rises is, how do they do this? Spammers regularly scan places on website to obtain email addresses and add them […]

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