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9 Features that We’d Like to See in Android 4.4 KitKat


It’s that time of the year when rumors of the next Android version start flowing in. We’ve so far seen numerous leaked photos of the Nexus 5, its specifications, possible photos of Android 4.4 KitKat and even a possible date for the launch event. Fake or not, they sure are exciting.

While everyone is busy talking about the leaks and rumors, we thought it’d better to distance ourselves from the crowd and instead talk about the features we’d like to see in Android 4.4. Continue reading


Rich Notifications in Chrome is the Best Feature Ever! Here are 11 Extensions that Support it


The recently added ‘rich’ Notifications functionality in Google Chrome is perhaps the best feature of any browser ever! For those unknown, Google has introduced a new way for apps and extensions to display desktop notifications in a streamlined fashion — even when the browser is not running with options to dismiss it or perform extra actions. Continue reading


Best Diary App For Android

“Isn’t it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when we look back everything’s different?” —  C.S. Lewis

Writing a diary or maintaining a journal of memories is a hobby shared by many, who prefer keeping an archive of their life events privately instead of posting them to Facebook. Similar to all tangible things, this hobby is also slowly transitioning its existence to a virtual one — from pen & papers to now smartphones & styluses.

For Android, there’s no dearth of diary / journal apps. Unfortunately, only a handful few of them are worth using and if you were looking for such apps, this list if for you. Continue reading


How Indian Android Device Manufacturers are Fooling and Misleading You

Indian Android Manufacturers


Micromax Canvas 4, a mid-range smartphone is seeing hype and excitement comparable to the likes of multinational brands — perhaps for the first time for an Indian manufacturer. Promising specifications better than many high-end devices, it has led people into thinking that this company is offering much more value at much lesser price.

Which is wrong.

For a nation that has always been highly price-conscious, it’s very easy to mislead people by advertising the number of cores a phone or a tablet has.

Same goes for Lava, Karbonn, Intex, Spice and all other Indian manufacturers, which are having a dream run this year. Continue reading


Fed Up of Slow Android Emulator? Try Genymotion (Windows, Mac and Linux)

Developing for Android has become significantly easier and better lately, especially since the recent Google I/O, which saw the release of Android Studio. However, there’s one thing that still sucks about it — the official Android emulator.

It is sluggish and it is slower than the slowest turtle on the planet. To give you an idea, I’ve never been able to boot it under 6 minutes on my laptop having less than stellar configurations. Simply put, it is a tool that no one likes to use. Continue reading