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How to Get Google Calendar Desktop Notifications in Google Chrome

Select Options from the Menu to Customize Google Chrome

Are you little tired with the old fashioned pop-up notifications of your important events? If you use Google Chrome as your browser, Google Calendar has a nice solution for you. It has a nice labs feature named “Gentle Reminders” that replaces pop-up reminders with a more pleasing notification. Google has recently added sound effects to Google Calendar desktop notification.

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How to Zip and Unzip Files Online Without Uploading it

Java Script Alert at the ezyZip Website

ezyZip is a nifty free web app that lets you zip files, add zipped files to an existing archive and unzip files from your browser. The best feature of this cool application is that you don’t need to upload the file to process. It runs locally as a java applet inside the browser and works as efficient as a desktop app. There is no annoying registration process either.

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