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Windows 8 New Price List Updated

Since the launch of Windows 8, Microsoft offered it at Discounted rate which will be valid till 31st January. But after that, from February, it will become more costly. Windows 8 Pro will be almost available for 200$. Here is a new price list of Windows 8 for various Editions.

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Windows 8 Manga Reader Apps

Reading comics and Manga is a favorite time pass for many people. Earlier we have covered 6 Best Digital Comic Book Readers Software, Best Comic Viewer Apps for Android and Download And Read Favorite Anime Manga From Desktop.  Among all the manga readers available the best one is Dom Dom Soft. But that was the case […]

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YouTube Modern App for Windows 8

Watching videos on YouTube is a common thing that we do atleast once a day. These videos can be tutorials, TV shows, concerts or simply music videos. If you are using Windows 8 and do not prefer watching YouTube videos on web browser then switching to YouVue is a good option. YouVue is a free […]

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