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In a long time run having a smooth and hassle free experience with Windows is difficult. We need to maintain it regularly. Well, complete Windows maintenance include taking care of many small factors. These are Cleaning junk files, cleaning registry and removing unnecessary services. Additionally you can clean browser caches and many more things. Performing all these tasks manually is impossible for any regular user. keeping in mind the complexity and time required. So, to automate this process an Advanced System Optimizer Software is mandatory.

We have already covered a lot of free Windows System maintenance tools in past. Most of them are free while rest are paid ones. Now, the question arises, why should I go for a paid system maintenance software?

The answer is simple. An Advanced System maintenance software will take away all your worries. It gives your system a regular automated treatment. Advanced System Optimizer is one of the best Windows maintenance software I have used till now.

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 Advanced System Optimizer Interface

Advanced System Optimizer software review

Advanced System Optimizer has a simple and neat minimalistic home screen. You can have a quick look on essential modules like security, cleaning and optimization. You can directly scan your PC for errors with custom scan settings from this screen.

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So, now lets take a detailed look at the maintenance areas covered by Advanced System Optimizer.

 Features of Advanced System Optimizer

Advanced System Optimizer has most functionality to keep your Windows running smoothly. Each of these modules are grouped and placed under proper categories.

Smart PC Care

Advanced System Optimizer software review

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With Smart PC Care, you can choose and select specific tasks. Advanced System optimizer will perform them during the scan. Keep in mind that Smart PC Care will take care of your system at scheduled times.

So if you are not opting for specific tasks, they will always be ignored. If you are regularly working on your system you can have a weekly scheduled scan.

Registry Optimizers

Advanced System Optimizer software review

Advanced System Optimizer cleans Windows registry file and defragments the registry file. Keeping the registry file small helps in keeping Windows smooth and your applications run flawlessly.

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In this module, you can perform registry operations separately. Else the best option is to use it with Smart PC Care.

Disk Cleaner & Optimizers

advanced system optimizer

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This module basically consists of Hard disk error scanning and defragmentation. Additionally you have choice to use Advanced System Optimizer disk explorer. System cleaner helps you to gain disk space by cleaning junk and temporary files.

Windows Optimizers

advance system optimizer review

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In this section you have a Game optimizer. The game optimizer creates a totally separate gaming space with maximum CPU and memory allocation. This is surely to benefit your gaming experience. Memory optimizer brings back unused memory from application and adds up to the free usable memory. Hence your applications have more memory to work with.

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Driver Updater is very important. Advanced system Optimizer searches for the latest drivers for your System devices. Keeping your device drivers updated allows you to have the maximum performance from your system.

 Security & Privacy

advanced system optimizer review

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With privacy protector all your private data is safe. Advanced System optimizer takes care of your internet usage and usage traces. Other features include Secure delete and secure encryptor.

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Locking files and folders is definitely helpful when you are working on a shared computer.

Backup & Recovery

advanced system optimizer review

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You can take backup and restore important document files. Advanced System Optimizer also allows you to backup and restore Windows system files too.

Common Problems Fixer

advanced system optimizer

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With common problems checker you can manually rectify many errors appearing in Windows. You can tweak Windows settings according to your needs.

Regular Maintenance

advanced system optimizer

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Advanced System Optimizer provides a nominal tool for system maintenance. You have startup manager and uninstall manager to keep control over Windows applications. Additionally you can also schedule maintenance tasks from here.

Advanced System Optimizer Comparison

Advanced system Optimizer review

Prior to Advanced system Optimizer I have also used Advanced System Care 6 and TuneUp Utilities 2013. I will be using them as reference to compare ASO.

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Comparing to the top Windows system maintenance software, there are a few things lacking in Advanced System Optimizer. First of all it will be the interface. ASO provides a minimalistic, it is easy to use. The fact remains that the interface is not appealing enough.

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To be on the top ASO needs to accumulate more tools. Internet optimization is one of the major missing feature. I would appreciate tools like empty folder scanner, windows feature remover. More detailed cleaning features are required.

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Advanced System Optimizer in overall is a good Windows maintenance software. It focuses entirely on just the essential features. It is too simple to use and understand which I recommend it to users who do not want to spend much time tweaking PC. Best thing for a work oriented person is to go for minimal set of features rather than a lot of mess.

Advanced System Optimizer was tested on Windows 8 64 Bit. It worked smoothly and performed all tasks without failure.

Already using Advanced System Optimizer? You can also contribute your experience to this Advance System Optimizer Review via comments.

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